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Our approach has evolved from years of developing software to solve complex challenges. We see other consulting companies quickly offering a new software “fix” for a business problem, but we’ve learned that the best solutions are often the simplest—and often use your existing tools—as contrary as that may sound. We’re sure our experience developing software while working for Microsoft contributes to our philosophy and approach.

When you develop software, you have to take a holistic viewpoint of the past, present and future, because a software product needs to adapt to multiple environments and various situations. Being part of the Microsoft development teams honed our skillsets of research, discovery and delivery, asking the ‘what ifs,’ testing hypotheses and developing solutions that change how people run their businesses and their lives.

We bring that tried and true approach to our consulting. It’s a privilege to join a client team and work together to solve the frustrations and close the gaps of business processes. Our best solutions come from an in-depth understanding of how a business operates, the tools that work for them, and those that fall short.

We start with a conversation about the challenge, then we conduct a Technology Utilization Review. 90% of users take advantage of only 10% of software features. We look for existing unused features that could be used to bridge the gap. If a new product is needed, we look for capabilities in that software that could potentially replace other existing legacy systems—reducing multiple software packages and eliminating the maintenance costs, equipment and time.

The end result is always increased productivity and happier employees. How’s that for ROI?


ampiO Solutions was founded by a team of Microsoft Architects, Senior Systems Engineers, and Enterprise Service Delivery Managers with combined decades of experience in Office 365, SharePoint, Data Warehousing, BI, and Application Development.  Our focus is in helping organizations maximize their technology capabilities while providing maximum return on investment and lowering overall IT budgets.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we focus on technology solutions that help organizations amplify the technology that runs their business by simplifying their software footprint. The ultimate goal is to maximize their ROI, increase employee productivity and decrease operational costs. We are committed to delivering end-to-end solutions that ensure sustainable future benefits to our customers and help identify their technology commitment as Capital Expenditure. We enable our clients to focus on their core business with efficiency and optimal employee productivity.

ampiO Solutions has developed custom applications for the aviation/aerospace manufacturing industry. We have delivered platforms that enable compliance and retention in the financial sector, and have customized online solutions for governmental agencies to help streamline purchasing and inter-agency dependencies.

You want to focus on your core business. You want to ensure that your workforce has the best tools at their disposal to do their job efficiently and accurately. You want to simplify your business processes. Partner with ampiO Solutions.

Leadership Team

Joseph Khalaf

Our goal is to continuously focus on the complex pieces of technology to ensure that it delivers improved productivity, better collaboration and smart decision making, while keeping the presentation and usability simple and seamless.

ampiO Solutions was founded by Joseph Khalaf to put his experience to work creating business solutions using new-to-market technologies and improved process management. He’s an experienced executive with a proven track record of business development, organization building, program management and technical support. Mr. Khalaf is multilingual (English, Arabic, French) with international work experience and a strong commitment to employee development, leadership and motivation.

He spent more than 17 years at Microsoft Corporation helping release a range of products such as Office, Frontpage and SharePoint. He spearheaded the effort to expand support services into global markets. In addition, Mr. Khalaf was instrumental in the effort to support the shift from on-premises products to cloud first at Microsoft by managing the global operations of critical cloud based applications.

Mr. Khalaf holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans and completed an Executive program through Babson College and Goldman Sachs.

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Brian Curtis

Our mission is to be your partner and an extension of your team. Our focus is to guide you through the complexity of today's accelerated technology innovation, while enabling you to focus on your core business.

Mr. Curtis is a member of ampiO Solutions’ Business and Partner Development team. Over his career at Hitachi Consulting and ASG Technologies he has provided Business Solutions to Executive leadership for Strategy and Planning initiatives. Mr. Curtis has held positions in various roles including Business Consultant, Solution Pre-sales development, Business and Data Analyst and as a Software Sales Executive. His broad experience with consulting, business applications, and solution selling provides a unique insight to understanding how businesses can leverage Digital Transformation within their environments to compete in an ever-changing landscape.

Mr. Curtis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Finance from the University of North Texas.

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Assad Jumshyd

ampiO operates as an extension of your company. Successful business outcomes enabled by technology are how we measure your and our success.

After leading the beta releases for the SharePoint Technologies at Microsoft Corporation for three years, Assad served as the CTO for several Healthcare providers. As Chief Technology Officer, Assad led the transformation and modernization of IT Infrastructure to improve regulatory compliance, decrease labor costs and maximize efficiency and workforce productivity.

With 12 years of Experience in the Healthcare space, Assad proceeded to focus on Microsoft Technologies in a consulting capacity, with emphasis on business process automation, Business Intelligence and cloud transformation.

At ampiO Solutions, Assad’s focus is customer digital transformation and cloud migrations. He leads the team responsible for innovating through cloud technologies and empowering customers to maximize their software investments.

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