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Content Management & Collaboration

File sharing is core to most team work, and it’s now brilliantly simple. We empower people, teams and organizations to intelligently discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Our results are your goals: happy productive employees and lower costs.

Process Automation

Most humans dread change—resulting in obsolete process flows handed down from employee to employee. A process automation project can automate and update the most time-consuming employee tasks. One client turned a 1-week process into 3 hours – thanks to our intervention.

Retention & Compliance

If your company operates in an industry that requires strict compliance standards, you know the risks of failing to meet those standards. We’ve worked in healthcare, banking, financial management, aviation, manufacturing and others, and have extensive experience bringing your technology and technical processes into compliance.

Software Assets Consolidation

Many organizations lack a centralized software procurement process, and tracking software assets across an organization takes significant hours from an already-busy IT staff. Put your IT staff back to work on other projects and let us simplify the complexity and minimize the risks. We can deliver a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing your enterprise assets.

Data Normalization

A key to making well informed business decisions is accurate data. If your business runs on numerous databases we can normalize your data to eliminate unnecessary duplication, improve data integrity, optimize queries, deliver faster indexing, faster updates and improved concurrency resolution.

Storage Solutions

Banks of servers, reams of backups, newest data in the Cloud, redundant data in multiple locations, just to be safe—does that sound like your environment? Replace the outdated, slow, expensive, unreliable servers and save money too. New storage solutions cost one fourth of what you paid in the past—both in hard dollars and maintenance costs. Let us make your consolidation project painless and effective.

Brain Food

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We help your team make the most of your technology budget! Our discovery phase is performed by an experienced technologist. We deliver solutions that save you money and make your team more productive.