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Large Scale Migration with No Down Time

We knew we could count on ampiO to handle our migration without disruption to the business.


It was time to upgrade from SharePoint 2007 as it was reaching the end of its supported product life cycle. The client provides advanced drilling solutions to the energy industry. They are a technically innovative company providing worldwide drilling services, rental tools and project management, including rig design, construction and operations management. Their international fleet includes 21 land rigs and one offshore barge rig, and its U.S. fleet includes 13 barge rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and two land rigs in Alaska.  This business-critical application operated across the globe 24X7 supporting hundreds of users and multiple lines of business (LOB).  A traditional phased implementation – one LOB at a time – would cause significant disruption to the organization.


Fortunately, the client had a close relationship with our partner, the Broadleaf Group. They know we’ve been around the bend before – we know how things work, and we understood their technology and business environment. Our approach managed the massive migration without a negative impact on the business.

We engaged the various LOBs without a platform interruption by following these steps:

  1. We did a deep dive discovery and documentation
  2. We created a detailed plan including specifications of the technical details
  3. We implemented a bulk migration

Working in conjunction with the Sharegate tool, we were able to round out the total migration of SharePoint without a glitch in processing across the USA, Russia, Dubai and other sites where the oil drilling client operates.

Client Results:

We knew we could count on ampiO to handle our migration without disruption to the business. They have a unique approach to solving complex business problems. We’ve worked with the Broadleaf Group them for years – them and their partners are our go-to team.

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