Automated Migration
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Sharemate is the business
delivery tool that supports
an effortless migration.

  • Is your SharePoint migration going to require exhaustive project planning and coordination?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the number of departments you need to engage in a timely fashion to meet your migration deadlines?
  • Are you worried about the business disruption your SharePoint migration might cause?

Sharemate is designed by SharePoint technical experts in partnership with organizational leaders to migrate SharePoint without bringing your business to a screeching halt.

We designed Sharemate to let you carry on with your work and at the push of a button automate your migration.

Simple and Friendly UI

Re-architect your new SharePoint server and/or tenant through the simple and friendly UI of Sharemate. Demote Site Collections to Sites and collapse the content into an existing content database. Promote sites to Site Collections and identify separate content databases (on-premises only) and Site Collection owners. Update sites with new Site Templates as part of the migration process.

Better Migration Process

Involve site owners, stakeholders and any SharePoint user in the migration process by providing them the opportunity to clean up their content prior to migration. Archive Lists and Libraries, merge libraries, promote folders into libraries, demote libraries into folders, etc.

Different Capabilities

Revisit and update your migration plans over time without losing your original work. Large migrations require numerous channels of input from various site owners. Sharemate’s Diff capabilities allow you to revisit your SharePoint content over and over again prior to migrating, without user disruption. As you work through sites, you can come back an revisit completed sites for updated content.

Data Validation

Validation for an error free migration ensures no disruptions. Sharemate will validate all of your data and content mapping and warn you of any entries that are invalid. Data entry fidelity will guarantee that a migration will not be disrupted and allow you to deliver the new SharePoint platform on time and on budget.

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